Montana Bird Data Reporting

Yellowstone Valley Audubon Society (YVAS) encourages its members, educational institutions, government agencies, special interest groups, private landowners, and the general public to record accurate bird data for a designated area or YVAS birding trip and to submit that data to the Montana Natural Heritage Program (

This information should be gathered and recorded using protocols consistent with those of the YVAS and the Montana Natural Heritage Program.  The data, recorded on YVAS’ Bird Trip Field Form, includes bird sightings, the number of each species seen (e.g. best estimate), locations, and optional behavior and habitat data.  Recorded observations should be made by competent birders and it is desirable to have two or more observers verify identifications.  If there is doubt about identification, please note that in the Comment box on the Field Form.

To download a copy of the YVAS Bird Trip Field Form, please click here:  Bird Trip Data Forms.

For more information, contact Steve Regele at 406-962-3115 or

All data submitted to the MNHP by YVAS is made available to all interested people, organizations, schools and universities, and agencies.  For more information on Montana Natural Heritage Program, visit: