Useful and Informational Websites

National Audubon:

The National Audubon Birds and Climate Change Report (“314 Species on the Brink”):

MT Natural Heritage Program: 

Montana Audubon Center:

Montana Outdoor Bird (MOB): 

eBird (Cornell Lab of Ornithology): 


For the effects of climate and climate change on living things and ecosystems that Dr. Jeff Morisette’s, Director of the Department Of Interior US Geological Survey, referenced in his Chapter Presentation October 19, 2015: 

USGS North Central Climate Science Center (e.g. “News” Tab, “Search” Icon):

National Climate Assessment (“Summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States, now and in the future”):

Snapshot Wisconsin (A.K.A. Wildlife Watch– “an effort to monitor forest wildlife year-around across a network of trail cameras”):

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NOAA Climate Science Web Site (“Science and information for a climate-smart nation”):

National Aeronautics and Space Administration NOAA list of various links to great NOAA climate change informational web sites):

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Climate Hubs (“Click on the region to learn more about the USDA Climate Hub in your area” … factsheets, resources, etc.):